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Skilled Migration Program

The USA remains one of the most popular countries in the world as an immigration destination. Let us help you on the road to getting your career started.

The US has over 60 types of non-immigrant (meaning non-permanent) US visas. Perrin Professional Group offers you full US immigration career preparation services if you need help with your resume, LinkedIn account, interviewing skills, as well as USA career workshops to get you started if a group of at least ten. The US immigration process can be confusing and bureaucratic, but our experts are here to help you get your career process started. Call for a free consultation. Whether you need our Skilled Migration Program as an individual or a group, we offer competitive pricing with great benefits.

We have a number of US immigration career preparation tools detailing commercial US visa categories. These include the B1, H1B, L1, E1, and E2 visas, and US green cards. If you are in the US or plan on entering the US and  need help with your career please give us a call!

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