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Complete Résumé Review & Career Consulting

Perrin Professional Group offers career coaching that includes professional cover letter and résumé services. To speak with an experienced member of our staff about your résumé or cover letter, simply contact us at your earliest convenience. All résumés are guaranteed to have a 5 day turnaround, but expedited service can be finished within 24 hours for an extra $25.


Résumés & Cover Letters

We currently offer our clients three levels of service: bronze ($100), silver ($125), and gold ($145). For students, interns, and recent college graduates we offer services at the low price of $75. Each of the résumé levels that we offer can have a cover letter add-on for an additional $25, except for gold (executive level), which costs an additional $35. Click here to send your resume via e-mail for review.


Institutional & Organizational Services

Feel free to utilize our career coaching/consulting services and workshops as job hunting tools for those looking to enter or re-enter the workforce. After a complimentary consultation, we are able to determine exactly what you need assistance with to achieve your career goals—and customer satisfaction is guaranteed! Pricing is determined by group size, so please contact us for further details.

Person Checking Papers - Resume Review
Contact our professionals for more information about our career coaching/consulting services.