Perrin Professional Group, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Atlanta, GA

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Vital Business Consulting

Working Group - Business Consulting

Perrin Professional Group takes pride in providing accurate business consulting. We offer a wide variety of business-related services for entrepreneurs as well as established business owners.

Business Services

These services include document reviews on professional (contracts and other documents). We also assist those looking to obtain business licensure or EIN registration. Our affordable prices are as follows: 

Professional Document Review - $75 & Up
(One to Five Pages, including Professional Documents and Contracts)
Obtaining Business Licensure - $55
Registering for EIN - $45
Business Consultation - $50 & Up
Content Development - $50 & Up




Student Services

These services include document reviews for students such as college admissions and essays.


Educational Document Review—$45
(One to Five Pages, including Statement of Purpose for College Admissions Essay and Internship or Graduate School Admission Application Response)


 Contact us for further information regarding our business consulting and similar services.